Elgam 12 C


Ich hatte leider nie einen Elgam 12C in meinen Fingern, aber ein aufmerksamer Leser aus Italien schickte mir diese Bilder und Beschreibung um das Elgam Trio zu komplettieren. Vielen dank an Marco.

A Mail from Marco Guidolin:

"I got the opportunity to buy one of this analog rythm boxes from the '70s, and pulled the trigger. The Elgam Match 12C is the intermediate of the "Match" rythm boxes series (7C, 12C, 15C). 
It has 12 different rythm you can choose from. You can play two patterns at once, thus creating some variations on the default paths.
On the rear you have the audio output and a pedal input to start/stop the rythm.
The box is similar in layout to the Match 15C, with the PSU on the right side and logic and instruments on the left over a single, main, board. The pattern "controller" circuitry is completely different from the 15C; Match 12C, infact, rely on transistors only instead of integrated circuits (M253 on the 15C, if i remember well).
There are 3 potentiometers on the PCB. By toying with them you can change the release time of three of the tones (kick drum, snare and ride(?)).

Despite the simplicity the unit sound very nice and warm!"

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